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Since 1989, Nurturing the Goddess within all Women and Girls

The mission of Woman Wisdom is to remind women
to reclaim their innate wisdom —
to live their full potential — and to guide young girls
to be self-confident and true to themselves.


This is the time of the Rising of the Feminine — bringing much needed balance to the world through the sharing of women's wisdom. This site invites you to explore many of the ways in which you can empower yourself and the girls you care for to live joyfully and authentically — restoring the links in women's wisdom for the upliftment of all.

It is in this spirit that we offer our Woman Wisdom® Empowerment
, Everyday Magic for Girls® Coming of Age program to empower girls, seasonal celebrations and ceremonies, multimedia home study courses, workshops, and retreats.

As you browse these pages, it is our hope that you will resonate with its message. We honor your strength, your courage and your commitment to your own healing journey — by following your heart and the Call of the Earth.



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