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Woman Wisdom offers unique multi-media educational products to empower women and girls globally. These products are brands of the Woman Wisdom® and Everyday Magic for Girls® Empowerment Series.

Woman Wisdom builds upon the success of the Woman Wisdom® Training Program, started in 1989, which has attracted students from all over the United States.

As the Founders of Woman Wisdom, we are dedicated to exemplifying shared leadership at its best. Called to restore the links in the lineage of women's wisdom, we are strong women — melding our collective vision for the re-emergence of the Feminine with passion, integrity and light-heartedness. Learn about our herstory.



Sue King

Sue King

Sue King is a visionary, teacher, healer and author. She is author of the multi media program, "Sacred Animal Wisdom: A Handbook for the Human Heart."

Sue developed a series of children's programs both in private schools and the inner city. From 1986-92, she was on the faculty of Rosemont College's Health Perspectives Program.

In 1989 she co-created the Woman Wisdom® program and later opened Heart of the Goddess, a holistic learning center, gift shop and wellness center in Berwyn, PA.

Sue is currently active in the natural beekeeping community and is creating a series of educational programs for families. This gentle Pisces has two adult daughters and five grandchildren to whom she delights in passing on her grandmotherly affection and wisdom. Email Sue

Hemitra Crecraft

Hemitra Crecraft

Hemitra Crecraft is a teacher, celebrationist, designer, author and filmmaker. She founded the Woman Wisdom® Training Program with Sue King. Recently, she created the multi-media programs "Women's Rites of Passage: Reconnecting to the Source of Feminine Power" and "Coming of Age: From Bud to Flower," featuring the critically acclaimed "From Girl to Woman" DVD. Hemitra also serves as the web designer of our site.

Since the mid 1980s, Hemitra has been a leader in the women's spirituality movement in Philadelphia. She was co-owner of Heart of the Goddess from 1990-2000 where she led legendary seasonal celebrations to honor the equinoxes and solstices.

Hemitra is most passionate about coming of age celebrations for girls at menarche and delights in invitations to officiate over rites of passage into womanhood and create commemmorative DVDs of the occasion. Learn more about Hemitra's Programs. Email Hemitra

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