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Women's Rites of Passage is the first in our Woman Wisdom® Empowerment Series created by Hemitra Crecraft that has been adapted from the live Woman Wisdom® Training Program.

The Course:

You will study feminist and patriarchal perspectives on women's bodies, cycles, sexuality and power as shared through an Ancient Lineage of Wisdom Teachings passed down from woman to woman. These revealed teachings embrace the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, erotic, ecological and cultural dimensions of Women's Blood Mysteries, in particular, menstruation and menopause, as relevant to women of all ages.

Your participation will occur on many levels: first, through the transmission of knowledge designed to root you in your sacredness as a woman; second, through introspection to journal your feelings and observe the core changes in how you hold yourself in the world; and third, through healing our adolescent and mid-life selves through meditative practices, creative exercises and ceremonial honorings of our rites of passage so that regardless of a woman's age, our foundation and dignity as women is restored.

"Women's Rites of Passage is an important thread in the reweaving of the healing cloak of the ancients."
— Susun Weed, author of New Menopausal Years:
The Wise Woman Way

Women's Rites of Passage

Mirror of My Future, Reflection of My Past
© Mara Friedman
Croning/Crowning Ceremony
Melinda Miller, Hemitra Crecraft, Jacqui McDonald
and Sue King at Sue's Coronation Ceremony
on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

What You Receive:

The Women's Rites of Passage program comes in a large format workbook containing two comprehensive sections: one on the Mysteries of Menstruation and the second on the Mysteries of Menopause with accompanying journal pages. In both, there are detailed ceremonies for you to adapt, complete with musical annotations to honor the various phases of womanhood.

At the end of the course is a bibliography and resource section on related web sites, films, herbal products, natural menstrual supplies, music, teaching tapes, wise woman counseling, rites of passage consultants, and additional training.

A companion CD of guided meditations and original music is included in the program. Optional mentoring sessions are available via phone. We encourage women who purchase this program to also order a copy of Hemitra Crecraft's From Girl to Woman DVD. Its uplifting theme and stunning production will delight your inner maiden and beautifully complement the work you are doing in the Women's Rites of Passage home study course!

Track listing for CD of Guided Meditations:

  • Welcome — Rekindle your ancient knowing of the vast power of She-Who-Cycles-With-The-Moon.
  • First Bloods — Recall your first menstruation and heal your inner maiden by reclaiming your rite of passage.
  • Mother Line — Meet your ancestresses back to the beginning of Time and receive the blessings and wisdom of your Mother Line.
  • Reconsecration of the Womb — Release the trauma of reproductive surgery, miscarriage, sexual violation, or the ending of an intimate relationship.
  • Moon Pause — Learn how to navigate through menopause and awaken your inner wise woman to fulfill your life's mission.
  • Grandmother Lodge — Step into the circle of wise grandmothers for the Blessing of She-Who-Holds-Her-Blood-Within.
Moon Dancer
The Dance of our Moontime Cycle




Some of the Topics Covered Are:

  • Shamanic Power of Menstruation: Summoning the  Psychic and Biological Source of Creation
  • Influence of the MotherLine: The Broken Links in Women's Wisdom
  • Sacred Geometry: Celebrating Primordial Feminine Patterns
  • Yoni Worship and the Quest for Enlightenment
  • Menstrual Practices of Matrifocal Society:
    Marrying the Moon and Moon Lodge Tradition
  • The Fatal Flaws of Matriarchy and Patriarchy: Evolving a New Paradigm
  • Women's Self-Esteem and Social Status:
    Identifying the Roots of Misogyny
  • The Wisdom and Madness of Menstrual Taboos
  • Erotic Dimension of Blood Mysteries
  • The Six Stages of Menstrual Empowerment
  • Natural Support for Menstruation and Menopause
  • Menopause as Second Puberty
  • Menopausal Symptoms: Underlying Psycho-Spiritual Causes
  • Mystical Dimension of Menopause:
    Wisdom Hormones & the Anatomy of a Hot Flash
  • Dispelling the Myth of Aging: Crone Power as the new Feminine Yang Energy of Transformation

healthy menstruation and menopause

Women's Rites of Passage Home Study Course: $28.95
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